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Donations are designated to support the needs of the children and their families at the Yangon Children’s Hospital.

Donations for Yangon Children's Hospital

Ways to Donate
Ways to Volunteer

Volunteers are important to our Yangon Children's Hospital's family. The volunteer opportunities aims to give comfort, encouragement, and reassurance to the children and their primary care givers. Events are organized to encourage and give hope to the children at the hospital undergoing treatment. Visitors may also donate and give back to the Yangon Children's Hospital community during these public events.  

Short term/Summer

Hero School at the Yangon Children's is a special space where children can learn what they are missing out at school. We believe that education is a fundamental right of every sick child, and plays an important role in their development. Short-term volunteer opportunities at the Hero School allow volunteers to teach kids, and help address the needs of the children's psychological, emotional, and educational growth. 

Social services

Volunteers may pay a visit to Yangon Children's Hospital and spend time with the children. Volunteers may bring child-safe toys, nutritious meals, snacks. Activities such as singing, painting, and playing games that helps engage with the children are also encouraged.

We would like to thank each and every one of the organizations and people who have donated

in support of the children at the hospital. We are deeply grateful for your support

and your recognition of Yangon Children’s Hospital.